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Dirtyboysgetclean on Glazed Donut Realness, Magical Acids, and Skincare Pet Peeves

Where are you from and is Dirtyboysgetclean your full-time job?

I was born in Texas and I live here in Texas currently. I have lived all over as a kid, but Texas is home! I have been doing Dirtyboysgetclean full-time for a while now. Prior to this I was working 12-13 hour shifts in a hospital as a medical office assistant.

Sunday Riley is from Texas too—what can you say about the skincare and makeup scene over there?

Yes! Big fan of Sunday Riley. Luna was actually the first skincare product I bought on the day of release (many years I used to live in Dallas which had a bigger social scene. But, I am not really aware of the scene here to be honest. I am not one to socialize at events.

What sign are you?

I am a Virgo!

Dirtyboysgetclean wears a sheet mask and a pink hat in front of a shelf stocked full of various skincare products.

Instagram @dirtyboysgetclean

How would you describe "glazed donut realness" and how did you come up with that?

Juicy, dewy, glowing, glossy skin. I just always joked with people that I aspire for my skin to look like a freshly glazed donut. I love the dewy look. I have dry skin so adding moisture and dewiness is important for me. I think I came up with it initially when someone asked me "who in your opinion is #SkinGoals?" and I said something like "a glazed donut."

Do you remember the moment you first discovered your love of makeup and skincare?

I think I have always had a fondness for it, even if I didn't realize it until 2010. I would love to watch my mom get ready for work at her vanity. It was a brass vanity and she had very few things on it. A perfume bottle and some makeup. I fell in love with skincare in 2010 after I had a chemical peel that left my skin so red, raw, and damaged. It turned into dermatitis and I had red skin with a ton of pimples. It was awful. I finally discovered Josie Maran Cosmetics and her products healed my skin so quickly.

A pink shelf full of various skincare products.

Instagram @dirtyboysgetclean

How did you start your Instagram account? What gave you the idea to do maximalist shelfies?

I actually started my account very reluctantly. I made the account and didn't do anything with it for several months. When I first started my account I was trying to be a cool minimalist like most of the successful accounts at the time. It wasn't until I posted something that was authentic that I started to get more attention. So my advice is to always be authentic, don't try to be like everyone else. Of course now maximalist posts are all over so, lol!

What's the secret to taking a good photo that is both full of content but not too overwhelming?

I think that it's always going to be subjective no matter what. I have people tell me all the time that my posts are overwhelming, but it's what makes me happy and that comes first. While I love that people enjoy my photos, I post what I love and hope others enjoy it, not the other way around. I would say just try to make the photo as clean and organized as possible.

Various beauty products arranged on a pink silk background.

Instagram @dirtyboysgetclean

What do you love most about being Dirtyboysgetclean?

That I can be myself, create, connect with other people, work with amazing brands, inspire others, and be an honest voice in a community that could use more honest voices.

What do you hate most about being Dirtyboysgetclean?

I am a shy and private person so sometimes that gets overwhelming. I always wanted my account to be about products and not about myself. As I grew I realized that I did need to be more personal and share more of myself. It's a balance I try to maintain because I don't want to be "Insta-famous," I just want people to love what I do and share.

Where did your Instagram handle come from?

It actually comes from a song by Hole (I'm a huge Courtney Love fan) called "How Dirty Girls Get Clean." I just put my own spin on it. I thought it was a cute cheeky name for an Instagram account about skincare.

Dirtyboysgetclean holds a fan of swatches up to his face so it covers one eye.

Instagram @dirtyboysgetclean

Where do you see it going in the future?

I hope that I continue to inspire and grow. I have partnered with Sunday Forever on two candles already, which I am so happy about. I would love to bring a third candle or maybe even a personal fragrance into the universe with them. They are the best brand to work with. It is a female founded brand which is also run by women. I would love to create a skincare product with a brand, or on my own as well. I have some fun collaborations in the works. Dirtyboysgetclean puzzle is coming very soon with Journey of Something, which I am so excited about! One thing I would absolutely love to do in the future is create an SPF product. I dream big, clearly.

What's a trend in skincare right now that you love?

I love that people are being more aware of spf usage. It's not a trend but it seems lately more people are discussing it. I actually started a hashtag on IG with my friend @mshannahe a while back that has gotten some great attention. It's called #TodaysSPF which encourages people to post which spf they are wearing daily to help remind others to wear spf every single day.

What's a trend in skincare right now that you hate?

I hate the trend of people encouraging DIYs that are so silly and potentially damaging to the skin. Like I see these cheesy videos on IG of people just smearing baking soda and lemon juice all over their no.

If you could only use 5 skincare products for the rest of your life and you had to decide today, what would they be?

OMG. What a cruel question, haha. Soy Face Cleansing Milk by Fresh, Rose Day Cream by Dr. Hauschka, Pure Argan Milk by Josie Maran, The Reparative Skintint SPF 30 by La Mer, and Maracuja C-Brighter Eye Treatment by Tarte.

Various beauty products arranged chaotically on a pink and white background.

Instagram @dirtyboysgetclean

What's the most important lesson you've learned about taking care of your skin?

Be gentle and take the time each day before a routine to check my skin out. I like to take a few seconds to look in the mirror and see what my skin is asking for. It sounds silly, but it really has helped me know what products to use versus just deciding what I feel like using. Also, wear SPF daily no matter what!

Do you keep up with skincare and beauty drama? What's the last story you followed closely? I'm thinking James Charles and Tati, or KylieSkin.

I am actually so terrible at keeping up with beauty drama. I see stuff all the time by others posting things of course. But, I feel like there are so many more important things to talk about and keep up with. And on the subject of Kylie Skin, I think she is treated so unfairly. She is a young woman in the industry killing it and I think that is so inspiring. I think there are way worse products out there, the walnut scrub isn't a main concern to me.

Various beauty products piled in pink pouches on a pink silk background.

Instagram @dirtyboysgetclean

What's great about your reviews and shelfies is that you use products that are affordable as well as products that are expensive. This is a big debate in skincare; if it's more expensive, is it more effective? What do you think?

To be completely honest I have a hard time finding drugstore products that I love. I do find that often times there is truth to "you get what you pay for." I love budget friendly brands like Paula's Choice, Pixi, Avène, etc. but I also love higher-end brands like La Mer, May Lindstrom, Dr. Barbara Sturm, etc. And on the same hand there are brands out there that I feel are absolutely charging way too much for what the products are. I think a balance is nice. Invest in quality products, but quality doesn't always mean more expensive.

Can you tell me more about your role as Ambassador at Fresh Beauty? What are your favorite Fresh products?

I have been such a big fan of Fresh for so long. We have worked together on various things for awhile now and when they asked me to be a Brand Ambassador earlier this year I was so excited. I get to try out all the new launches before they hit the market, I got to shoot content for them, and so many other fun things! It's such an honor to be an Ambassador for them. My favorite Fresh products are Sugar Lemon Eau de parfum, Sugar Lemon Soap, Soy Face Cleansing Milk, Brown Sugar Body Polish, Creme Ancienne Face Oil Elixir, Black Tea Kombucha Facial Treatment Essence, and Strawberry Sugar Exfoliating Face Wash.

Smears of liquid beauty products on a white background.

Instagram @dirtyboysgetclean

What's your process when creating your Texture Tuesday shots and will you ever sell prints?

Each one is really different actually. I just do what I feel like is inspiring to me. As I do my routines and stuff throughout the week and I notice a pretty or unique texture I will put a sticky note on the tube or jar so when I do a texture shot I can find the ones I want to use easily. It's actually a really effective method, lol. I use various tools to create the textures so that they don't all look the same! I don't think I would sell prints at this time, but you never know what the future holds.

What's one product or skincare procedure that you think people should experience at least once in their life?

That's tough because I feel like everyone's skin is so different. I would say find a good acid to use 1-2 times a week and then a more mild one to use throughout the week. I am big on acids! I think they are truly magical! I really love Knockout by Tarte and BabyFacial by Drunk Elephant. I just started using one by Paula's Choice that is great for daily use.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity. Stay tuned for more from Dirtyboysgetclean on the app!


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