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TheFlauntFiles Demos a Full Face of Makeup Using One MAC Palette

Every now and then our Featured Reviewers are real life makeup artists (not just makeup-obsessed)⁠—and TheFlauntFiles is one of them. She also happens to be an SG OG who's been around since day one. "I honestly cannot recall how I discovered Supergreat but it was roughly a year ago, and I initially thought it was a catch," she says. What do we always say? Get on the app, we'll make believers out of all of you.

For the last 3 years, TheFlauntFiles (known for her catchphrases Flaunt Your Faith and Fight Your Flesh) has been a freelance makeup artists and she's been working for a "globally known cosmetics brand" (mysterious!). She's planning on going 100% freelance as we speak, so let's wish her all the best, and of course, watch her reviews to show your support. "My ultimate dream goal is to launch a specialized and customizable beauty brand that focuses on select products," she says. "Aside from beauty I’m also a Christian-based songwriter and aiming to release an EP in the future." How lazy do we all feel right now? Or is it just me?

A side profile of Theflauntfiles shows her curly hair pinned back with overlapping bobby pins.

Instagram @theflauntfiles

She used to live in LA but now lives in Atlanta. "At the time when I was living in LA, I had the honor of being invited to an intimate jam-session at the late Prince’s house," she says. "I have so many stories like this but I think that’s probably one of the top noteworthy experiences." Her Holy Grails include the Becca Glow Stick, MAC Chestnut Liner, and Thayers Rose Facial Toner. "I was recently gifted Dr. Dennis Gross Dark Spot Correcting serum and sunscreen so the timing was spot-on as I’ve been dealing with more breakouts than usual which have turned into blemishes." She also loves Caudalie Beauty Elixir, Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb, and her Conditionher cream for her “down there lady parts." "I never realized until coming across the brand how neglected that area was in regards to the correct products to use," she says.

A makeup no-no that she would never do? "I never wash my face before washing my hands first and I don’t pick my pimples." Any makeup looks she hates? "I’m not a huge fan of 'Instagram' makeup for real life wear on a day-to-day basis," she says. "I totally understand wearing it for special occasions, editorial looks, or even for expanding or challenging one’s artistry, however, not on a Monday while running errands or to the gym for example."

Theflauntfiles tucks her hair behind her ear in a selfie.

Instagram @theflauntfiles

If she could do anyone's makeup it would be Michelle Obama. "She’s a humble, wise, intelligent, fun and a fellow brown girl," she says. "Not only would that be an honor but I’m pretty sure after gracing her face I’d stay pretty booked and busy!" If her skin was a television character, it would be Joe from You. We know, he's probably the creepiest character you could pick, but her reasoning makes a lot of sense. "I’d stalk the heck out of an upcoming pimple," she says.

You're going to want to listen to the best skincare advice she's ever received—because this woman's glow can be seen from outer space. "One should use their ring fingers to apply eye cream, and I learned if you’re going to invest the most on a product it should be a serum, because it’s usually the most highly concentrated formula of all the (skincare) steps," she says. "So ask yourself, how much would you invest in on your skin? I’ll be 33 in August, so for me, a lot!"

Watch her create a full face of makeup using one (!!!) MAC palette below, and follow her for some of the best skincare and makeup reviews on the app.

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