Welcome to Sweatville, Supergreaters. We all love summer, but it's often a challenge to keep our skin looking matte (or at least, not soaking wet) when things heat up. Your beauty and skincare routine should change with the seasons, and summer requires lighter formulations, masks that draw out oil, and products that can keep your skin cool all day long.

Cleansing becomes an especially important step to your skincare routine (because well, sweat), and gel facial cleansers are ideal because they aren't oil based and they won't over dry your skin (which would cause it to produce even more oil).

Exfoliating will help balance your skin's oil flow, and now is the perfect time to whip out your collection of clay masks, which absorb excess oil and grime. Blotting sheets, powder sunscreen, and face mist are your best friends and will keep your skin cool throughout the day.

How do you guys stay matte during the summer? Add your review below.