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What Are Your Must-Haves From Drunk Elephant?

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In an interview with Vanity Fair, Drunk Elephant founder Tiffany Masterson told the story behind her brand's unusual name; "I felt weird naming it after myself because I’m not a doctor and I’m actually really shy and don’t love attention. I had decided to use Marula Oil as an ingredient and in researching its origin I read about the myth of elephants getting drunk off the fermented, fallen marula fruit. Drunk Elephant popped up in my mind and after running it by several friends and family members, I decided to go with it. It’s a whimsical name, even though the formulations are very serious."

Masterson launched the brand in 2014 because she wanted to make products that were free of what she calls "the suspicious six"; essential oils, fragrance or dyes, silicones, SLS, chemical sunscreens and drying alcohols. According to her, your brand is only as good as your worst ingredient—and she's now credited with starting the "clean-clinical" skincare movement that we all stan for.

Slaai Makeup-Melting Butter Cleanser
Lippe Balm
C-Firma Day Serum

We don't need to tell you guys how great Drunk Elephant products are, because you already know. In fact, most of you know more about the brand than we do, and are able to explain what each ingredient does better than the label. Trusted Supergreaters like @dewyinthedesert, @leanz and @skinisspooky have recommended their products time and time again, so what are you waiting for? Especially since you can get the Out of Office set (which includes D-Bronzi™ Anti-pollution Sunshine Serum, Virgin Marula Oil, and Lippe Balm) for free in our rewards section. 😇 We love you too.

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