Have you ever had an overwhelming desire, no, a need, to bleach your hair and then dye it gradient pink, purple, and blue like a Firecracker Popsicle? Ok, maybe that was just me—but even if you decided on a more conventional change, like adding some highlights, or even getting it chemically curled, chances are you discovered that your hair is far from infallible.

The ammonia in hair dye lifts the hair cuticle, while peroxide removes it's natural pigment and totally dries it out. Trust us when we say our hair has been as fried and crispy as shrimp tempura, and we’ve had to learn the hard way how to keep it from breaking off.

Our community has also mastered the art of reviving dead hair, with the help from SG-favorites like Olaplex, Camille Rose, Amika, Ouai, and Briogeo. What products make your style-damaged hair feel baby soft? Add Your Review below.