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Everyone Is Obsessed with Leo Oil (So Are We)

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Dena Smith (aka Leo with Cancer) is the mystery entrepreneur behind everyone’s latest skincare obsession; Leo Oil, a green miracle serum with only three ingredients—blue tansy, rosehip seed and meadowfoam seed oils.

When she was only 29, Smith was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. After dealing with every kind of skin irritation under the sun due to chemotherapy treatments and hormones, she wanted to create a product that worked on everything - acne, dryness, pigmentation, eczema, etc - and that didn’t break the bank. That’s when Leo Oil was born, and it didn't take long for the good word to spread in the skincare community.

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For now, she makes and packages all of the oil by hand and it’s available for pre-order on her website. Smith lives by the Spoon Theory; a metaphor coined by author Christine Miserandino that explains the reduced amount of mental and physical energy available for completing tasks and daily living due to disability or chronic illness. Because she already has so much on her plate (she’s a writer and a Glossier rep, amongst other things), she often needs to rest and recharge—but that doesn't mean people aren't lining around the virtual block just to get their hands on a bottle of her miracle product (or religiously following her unabashedly honest and funny Instagram account).

We have a few lucky Leo Oil reviewers on Supergreat, and every single one says their skin has been forever changed. We even have some insight on the products that Smith loves, because she has a few Supergreat reviews of her own! You're in great company (but you already knew that).

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Creator of Leo Oil.
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