The story of this beauty brand began when co-founder Mark Veeder discovered a new plant genus of echinacea at his cottage in upstate New York. When he sent samples to a lab for analysis, the results showed the plant had record high levels (300 times the average amount!!!) of cichoric acid, a chemical known in skincare for it’s antioxidant effects.

So, he teamed up with farming expert Robert Beyfuss and launched skincare brand Farmacy Beauty, using both the plant's extracts and the honey from the bees pollinating them (what they call their VIBs, very important bees).

Oprah raises her arms excitedly while a swarm of bees surround her and she shouts, "Bees!!!"

For a skincare company that’s only been around since 2014, it certainly has the industry buzzing (we had to). You guys love it too; we haven't seen a bad review yet.

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