It's time to set your intentions for 2020. A whole new decade is on it's way, which means it's the perfect time to check-in with your goals over the last ten years. Hopefully you met some of them, but if you haven't, now is the perfect time to consider setting smaller resolutions that will help you toward your bigger achievement.

Here at Supergreat, we're thinking of our New Year's resolutions in terms of our beauty goals. I, for one, want to try eyelash extensions. My eyes are small so I think longer lashes will help my eyes look bigger and more awake. Plus, waking up and not feeling the need to apply mascara everyday sounds like such a luxury! I just need to do the research to find someone good, which is why I haven't done it yet. All recommendations in the New York City area are appreciated.

Need inspiration for your own beauty resolution? Read the rest of the Supergreat staff's goals for the new year.


"My beauty resolution is to actually stick to a skin routine and wear the lipsticks I have! So basically, do the things that are good for me and that bring me joy. I love wearing a lip but smear anxiety is real; in 2020 I will triumph!"

Czarina shows off a rainbow eye look during golden hour.


"Does growing out my hair count? I'm quitting bleach! I've been bleaching and dying my hair for 14 months now. I've had purple, green, silver, frosty blonde, blue, lavendery-pink, and pink, but the maintenance is a lot of work and so is the money to do it professionally and healthily. My most damaged hair is about an inch from my root growth because that's what gets overlapped in bleach when you get your roots touched up.

At my last hair appointment, my colorist was like, "I think you should take like a 5-6 month break. I'm nervous about the top of your head." That kicked me in the butt to quit cold turkey. I was spending $300 every two months to get hair touch ups. That's something people don't tell you going into it—it does actually cost that much. But I'm trying to make it grow as long as possible! I used to have mid-back length, silky black hair, and I miss that."

Eliza wears a green eyeshadow look with a tie dye hoodie.


"I'm going to try and wash my face every night, even when I'm drunk, sad, or sleepy. I probably skip washing my face about three times a month. Then I get really bad breakouts and use the Clean and Clear spot treatment (recommended by Savannah) and Starface to ease the pimple's life cycle. I have zero accountability in my life and this will be no different, but I'm trying to use face washes that I really love so I'll push through to my bathroom when times are tough."

Natalia props her head in the palm of her hand in a bare faced selfie.


"My beauty resolution is to grow my hair out! I'm going to wash it less, maybe take some vitamins, and do masks weekly. I want it to be about 20 inches long, a little above the middle of my back."

Sable rests her head in her hand with her hair tied back to show off a graphic black eyeliner wing.


"Mine is to use up most of my beauty products before buying more. I have so many beauty products in my possession from being a beauty editor for years and years and I have hoarded so much that there’s no possible way to use them all before they expire. A lot of times I end up giving things away to friends and fam, but I’ll use products a few times before moving onto something shiny and new, resulting in lots of partially-used and therefore undonate-able products. It’s chaos. I need to actually properly use what I have before buying or acquiring new ones, which is also obviously a real no-brainer way to save money."

Savannah shows off a yellow and pink eyeshadow look against a bar on a New York street.


"I want to wash my hair less, like twice a week. My hair has oily roots and dry bottoms, and it's often staticky in the winter, which, I'm sure a lot of people experience. I want to balance it out by washing it less, which will hopefully evenly distribute oil from my roots to my ends and train my scalp to produce less oil. My goal is to let my hair get wet without putting any product in it, which will also save product and make my bottles of shampoo and conditioner last longer."

What are your beauty related resolutions and what products will help you achieve it? Leave a review below!