Some will say that cleansing is the most important part of a skincare routine. After all, the rest of your products may as well be butter if they can’t properly get through to those unclogged pores. Not to alarm you, but some of your pillowcases may have filed complaints with your nighttime beauty routine — mascara smudges, foundation face prints, eyeliner stains — they’re all evidence that either your face wash is slacking on the job, or it just doesn’t stick around long enough to properly do it. Of course, obviously, you know how to wash your face! After all, you’re here on Supergreat. It’s just that nowadays there are so many new ways to wash your face, you know?

Let’s take it to the place where it all goes down: the sink! Share your best facial cleansing methods with the Supergreat community, or if you haven’t found one yet that really works for you, learn from your fellow face-washers.