Welcome back to Spookygreat RebOOooooOOoos you ghouls! Last week we featured the work of Sarah_Novio, who turned herself into Corpse Bride and challenged the community to do the same for the chance to win 300 Supercoins. Stay tuned for our announcement of the winner today on Instagram.

This week we're featuring ArtistryBri's rendition of Frankenstein's monster, a look she created with a heavy drag influence. "For as long as I can remember I’ve admired drag," she says, "but I never felt like I could start until Valentina’s time on RuPaul’s Drag Race. I had never seen an artist who was able capture so much of what was dear to me through performance, beauty, and fashion with such pristine execution and heart. That was a huge turning point for me—drag allowed me to explore my skills, dreams, and visions, in a whole new context. It’s so much bigger than just makeup."

Some past Halloween looks she's attempted and slayed? "I’ve done The Babadook and Michael Langdon from American Horror Story, but Frankenstein’s monster is such a classic that I’d yet to do, so it felt right," she says. She's come a long way from her favorite costumes as a kid; Disney princesses, paired with pink Phat Farm sneakers (of course).

Follow along as ArtistryBri turns herself into Frankenstein's monster, a process that took this perfectionist an entire day. "It sounds wild but this makeup took from 7AM to 11PM," she says. "I love fleshing out my vision to the best of my ability, so I nit pick everything until I’m satisfied."

Don't forget to enter our Frakenstein Challenge: you have until Thursday, October 31st to recreate this look for the chance to win 300 Supercoins. All you have to do to enter is post a photo of yourself as Frakenstein's monster on Instagram, tag @supergreatapp, and nominate a friend to enter the challenge. Good luck! 🎃