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Sarah_Novio's Corpse Bride Tutorial Has Us Deceased

Welcome to the beginning of Spookygreat RebOOooooOOoos, our month long extravaganza of scary cute tutorials and makeup challenges. We kicked off last week with a clown challenge—and as expected, you guys slayed it. Congrats to our winner @kloobnika. 🤡

This week we're featuring the work of @Sarah_Novio, an SG OG and Ambassador, who's decided to turn herself into Corpse Bride. "I’ve always loved Tim Burton movies and loved his rebellion against traditional story telling," she says. "I also saw a couple Corpse Bride tutorials on YouTube and really felt like challenging myself!"

And one hell of a challenge it was. For those of you who decide to try your hands at this look, she warns that the hardest part is the face paint. "It works like acrylic paint, so it doesn’t go smoothly if you don’t have the right amount of water or the right brush," she says. "This is my third attempt at using face paint, so maybe all of that comes with practice."

Follow along as Sarah_Novio turns herself into the hot undead, and don't forget to enter our Corpse Bride Challenge: you have until Friday, October 25th to recreate this look for the chance to win 300 Supercoins. All you have to do to enter is post a photo of yourself as Corpse Bride on Instagram, tag @supergreatapp, and nominate a friend to enter the challenge. Good luck! 🧟‍♀️

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