Good eyeshadow palettes are hard to come by. You know you have a good one if you’ve hit pan on at least one shade or if your palette looks like a dusty mess from swirling your brushes around and tapping off the excess.

There are several factors that must be met in order for a good eyeshadow palette to be considered one of the best. What’s most important is color pay-off. No one wants to spend more time than they need to re-dipping into the same shade until it finally shows up on their lid. Following closely behind is the color selection. The best palettes have a cohesive color scheme that looks great in the packaging but has enough variation to create multiple looks. The amount of fallout is also important to consider. However, baking your concealer under your eyes while you do your eyeshadow and then brushing the excess powder away solves this problem.

If you’re looking for the best eyeshadow palette (no matter your price point), our Supergreaters have tested them all and these are their favorite:

1. Morphe The James Charles Palette

If you’re only going to buy one eyeshadow palette for the rest of your life, our Supergreaters suggest you grab The James Charles Palette from Morphe. This $39 palette comes with 39 shades (That’s a dollar per shade!). It has bright shades and neutral shades, glitters and mattes. With this palette, nothing is holding you back from creating any look your heart desires.

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2. Florence by Mills 16 Wishes Palette

This palette is a Gen Z dream. It’s filled with 16 pretty pastel shades organized in pink, blue, and neutral clusters that break apart to form three separate pallets. This unique packaging is perfect for on-the-go looks since you can take only what you need. You can also divide the palette up to share it with your friends.

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3. NYX Brights Ultimate Shadow Palette

This is a great palette for anyone who is just beginning to experiment with color and doesn’t want to pay the big bucks for a Morphe palette. It’s only $18 for 16 shades and the color payoff is surprisingly decent for a drugstore eyeshadow. However, our Supergreaters do recommend applying a white eyeshadow base before packing in these pigments. The white will help these colors really pop!

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4. Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance

This palette is a little pricy, but if you’re a hopeless romantic who’s always drawn to pinks and reds, this palette is well worth the money. For $45 you get 14 pink and nude shades, some of which are shimmer and some of which are matte. The color payoff of this palette is chef’s kiss and the velvety soft packaging will make your hand instinctively reach for it every morning.

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5. Urban Decay Naked 3 Eyeshadow Palette

Thie pinky nudes in this eyeshadow palette are gorgeous on fair skin tones (I’m speaking from experience). This eyeshadow palette is great for your everyday and natural glam looks. It cost $54 for 12 shades, but it’s well worth it for its easy wearability.

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Which palette has stolen your heart? Add your review below!