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10 Community Members We're Obsessed With Right Now Vol. 1

Did you guys know that the Supergreat team has a slack channel where we surface users that we adore? Seriously—we cope paste your profiles into the channel and write things like "ily" or "I'm obsessed, bye" or "if I loved this person more it would kill me." That's how the idea for this article was born.

Every month we're going to surface the Supergreaters that we're obsessing over, whether it be because of their no holds barred honesty, their incredible challenge entries, their skills at using stickers and text, or their expertise in the field of dupes. So please, show these amazing community members some love by subscribing to their profiles, and look out for the next list of people we're unabashedly obsessed with.

Michelle's Pick:

"They popped up on my radar randomly and I've been obsessed with them ever since. I was hooked by their first review and found myself watching all the others because their personality and honesty was infectious. Short, sweet, and to the point instantly - I'm a fan."

Lash Discovery Mascara - 001 Waterproof Very Black
e.l.f. Cosmetics Wow Brow Gel
Cool Ocean Breeze Daily Cleanser
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My pick:

"I'm obsessed with this Supergreater because they always participate in challenges and absolutely kill it!!!!!!!!! Every. Single. Time!!!!!"

Ultimate Edit Petite Shadow Palette
Retro Paradise 18 Piece Eyeshadow Palette
Poreless Putty Primer
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YouTube: PurposeLiving

Enid's pick:

"I'm obsessed with this Supergreater because every review has so much personality. I feel like I get a pep talk, some insider recommendations, and 60 seconds with a beauty bestie every time."

Cheeky Stamp Blendable Blush
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🇻🇳🇮🇷dm for collab☝️

Eliza's pick:

"I’m obsessed with this Supergreater because their taste and take are flawless. Their reviews are jam packed with knowledge and has put me on to some of my new favorite products. Could truly watch their demos for eternity."

Huestick in Free
Revealer Concealer Super Creamy + Brightening Concealer
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Pro MUA | Content Creator | Weightlifter | Cat Mom Lover of all things health and beauty

Vijay's Pick:

"I'm obsessed with this Supergreater because they seem really authentic with both positive and negative reviews of products, and they talks about where they gets them too."

Bronzed in Paradise Palette
Product details page for Assured Feminine Foaming Wash, 3.5 oz. is loaded.
Original Cloth
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Just another beauty enthusiast 🦋 let’s support each other!

DP's Pick:

"This Supergreater has some of the funniest reviews I've seen, and is so happy and upbeat that it makes watching their videos really enjoyable."

Athena Painting Palette
Exfoliating Night Water
Athena Painting Palette
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Love to make people smile A mommy a four i’m also a YouTube or

Anne's Pick:

"I love their reviews because they are almost all like mini-demos, where they really show how to use the product. Also, I need them to come teach me how to do liquid eyeliner, it always looks amazing."

Zion Palette
Posietint Poppy Pink Cheek & Lip Stain
Ginger + Kombucha Skin Tonic
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Dan's Pick:

"Super blessed, impressed, and obsessed with J_OSH. They keep in the loop on the best skincare routines, and their content is fire emoji "

Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain 13 Marvelous Mauve
The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG
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Skincare. Makeup. Tools. Technique. Knowledge. Tips & Tricks.

Susie's pick:

"I’m obsessed with this Supergreater because their reviews are so informational, you can tell they've done their research! Oh and also, the lighting is always bomb, which gets extra points."

Blood Orange Brightening Clay Mask
Face Hydrating Oil
Next Level No BS Daily Moisturizer
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always down for all x all + updated views🦋✨instagram✨- skincare_loverrr

Tyler's pick:

"I'm obsessed with this Supergreater because they always seem to have reviews for the latest products everyone is talking about."

Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick Savant - 0.17 fl oz
Forever eye mask
Flyliner Longwear Liquid Eyeliner
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NYC native🗽Latina 🇩🇴🇨🇷💃🏻 All about beauty, hair & skincare✨📸IG: @Zameena
For the record, we're obsessed with all of you. Keep your eyes peeled for the next batch of Supergreaters we're obsessed with, and keep making awesome reviews and challenge entries!


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