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Supergreat's 10 Most Popular Lipsticks

by @totaltrashmamma
Jul 29, 2022


Hiding your lipstick choices under masks for the past two years has been annoying, to say the least. But with many COVID restrictions lifting you can once again let your lips free.

Today is National Lipstick Day 2022, and that means talking about all the best lip options. You all have made your opinions clear. Some of these products have hundreds of positive reviews. So as decided on by your videos, here are the top 10 most popular lipsticks on Supergreat.

10 - MAC Retro Matte Lipstick

By far the most popular shade on this one is Ruby Woo, which is their deepest red. And who doesn't love a bold red lip? It provides fade-proof, eight hour coverage so you can look like a femme fatale all night.

9 - ColourPop Lux Lipstick Kit

If you are in anyway hyped for Greta Gerwigs upcoming Barbie movie, you will love this duo in the shade Barbie Dreamhouse. The liner-lipstick combo offers full coverage in a pop of pink.

8 - KVD Beauty Epic Kiss Nourishing Vegan Butter Lipstick

What was that? Vegan lipstick? We always love an animal friendly product. This one offers a cream finish that will hydrate your lips. It comes in 15 colors all with a gorgeous shine.

7 - Queendom Self Matte Woman Lipsticks

Once again y'all love the brightest shades of red, which is why Ruby Red is the most preferred color. Queendom celebrates women and their inner (and outer) beauty, so they are a great small business to support. This lipsticks is made without silicones or alcohol and it's cruelty-free.

6 - NYX Professional Makeup Lip Lingerie XXL Matte Liquid Lipstick

That's right! XXL meaning "Xtra Xtra Long-lasting". This offers full coverage for 16 hours. It promises no cracks, fading or transfer. So if you are going from work to a night out and need all day coverage, this is the one for you.

5 - Hipdot Kesha Rose Lipstick & Gloss Duo

While celebrity beauty brands tend to be money grabs, Kesha popped off with this one. The lipstick is inspired by her grandmother and includes rosehip oil which is nourishing to your lips while giving it a fun scent.

4 - Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Un-nude Liquid Lipstick

Maybe she's born with it, maybe she found it on Supergreat. This highly pigmented lipstick offers 16 hours of coverage. It's only $10 so its one of the cheaper options that still offers high quality.

3 - Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick

This is a personal fave that I have in three colors. Rihanna designed these as a fun way to express yourself and change up your lipstick on a regular basis.

2 - Undone Beauty Light on Lip Lipstick

This includes aloe and coconut oil to nourish your lips, so you are getting more than color, you are getting quality. It offers sheer buildable coverage with shine. Supergreaters' favorite shade is Gosh Garnet.

1 - BUXOM Full Force Plumping Lipstick

If you are looking for volume, BUXOM has it under control. It will make your lips look visibly plumper and comes in 16 shades (also Supergreaters lean towards the 90s nudes).

Honorable Mentions

There is not enough room to put all the lipsticks we are obsessed with. But we threw in some honorable mentions we knew you love. They include lipsticks, lip glosses and treatments, so all your lip needs are covered. Plus all these honorable mentions are shoppable right now on Supergreat. So get out those credit cards and buy some more of you favorite products.

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